We use the highest quality dry cleaning products including Seitz dry cleaning soaps and spotting agents. We are constantly looking for the best products money can buy, and so far Seitz is it. 

It leaves your clothes smelling fresh and feeling new again. Our staff is highly experienced, well trained and qualified to work on your clothing.


We pre-treat your shirt collars and cuffs. We keep your white shirts white and your colored shirts bright. 

We use Seitz products to do this and even if they cost a little more it is well worth it. We also replace any broken buttons.


Preserving your wedding gown as a precious heirloom requires the skillful care and dedication to detail that only an experienced cleaner can provide. With over 50 years of experience we are able to provide heirloom-quality dress cleaning and preservation at a reasonable rate.

Without proper treatment, champagne, wedding cake, makeup, perspiration and other stains or spills can cause irreversible damage to your wedding gown.

Sugar stains are often invisible to the untrained eye and require special care and ultra-violet inspection so they will not oxidize and cause brown spots over time. 

Each garment is inspected and any needed repairs are made, as well as any pre treatments that are required. After two separate dry cleanings your garments are allowed to rest and air for several days.

After final inspection, they are hand-folded, packed with advanced acid-free materials and hand sealed in a museum-quality storage chest.


We have one of the best alterations departments in the area. We do everything from a simple pant hem to the alteration of a custom gown. We have the experience to take care all types of clothing, including leather and beaded garments. 

With experience of over 50 years in garment care and construction, you can rest assured we can make that favorite suit or other garment fit perfectly.


Suede and leather garments are high quality items we wear mainly on special occasions. They require special attention to maximize their wearing life.

Fashion Care Cleaners provides a leather, sheepskin and suede cleaning service for a variety of garments and items in North Denver/Thornton area.

Our experienced leather and suede cleaning at Fashion care cleaners are highly trained to produce exceptional results in leather and suede cleaning to as near the original condition as possible. For best result all us today.


Take advantage of Fashion Care Cleaners' complimentary Pick Up & Delivery Service. Not only is the service FREE, but the best part is that you don't have to be there when we arrive.

We'll drop by twice a week to pick up and drop off your freshly cleaned items. Simply provide us with instructions and we'll make sure your garments are where you need them - when you need them!